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  • What I like doing | Recurso educativo 22649

    What I like doing

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    • 1386 visitas

    In this unit we discuss what we like doing and how these activities relate to our goals and dreams. We describe our favourite activities. We develop confidence and responsibility. The unit includes…

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  • When it hurts at home | Recurso educativo 22655

    When it hurts at home

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    • 1358 visitas

    In this unit we find out how to deal with difficult situations at home. This unit is designed to help us manage our emotions. The unit includes online stories and printable worksheets (PDF). We need to…

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  • New Technologies & Cyberbullying | Recurso educativo 22328

    New Technologies & Cyberbullying

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    • 1296 visitas

    In this project we learn vocabulary related to new technologies. We talk about the use of new technologies. We learn what is cyberbullying and what can we do to fight against it. We practice grammar…

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  • My friends | Recurso educativo 22646

    My friends

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    • 1253 visitas

    In this unit we find out what makes a good friend. We identify helpful ways of interacting with our peers. We deal with difficulties forming relationships. We develop confidence and responsibility. The…

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  • Pop songs | Recurso educativo 40076

    Pop songs

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    • 15 lo usan
    • 3350 visitas

    This is a collection of songs divided by grammar or vocabulary topics. We can download worksheets for each of them. The list includes "Friday I'm love" by The Cure, "Yellow Lemon…

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  • Story: The little mermaid | Recurso educativo 51579

    Story: The little mermaid

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    • 1 lo usan
    • 2936 visitas

    The resource consists of a 16-minute video with an animated version of the popular story "The little mermaid". It includes vocabulary regarding fairy tales, prince, princess, adjectives, being…

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